Cannabis & Regulated Substances

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Cannabis Industry and Beyond

The ongoing reform and expansion of the medical and adult-use cannabis industries provides opportunities for success in existing and emerging state marketplaces.   The attorneys at this firm have been involved in this exciting and evolving marketplace since the infancy of the New Jersey medical and adult-use programs, as well as the New York cannabis marketspace. They bring a wealth of experience within the hemp, CBD industries and other regulated industries.  Our familiarity with the licensing requirements makes our advice, counseling and guidance to investors, cultivators, processors, distributors, retailers and testing laboratories invaluable. 

We are proud of the successes we have shared with our local and multi-state operators, which began as a seed of an idea and has grown into successful and regulatorily compliant businesses.  This includes (i) successfully assisting multiple clients get awarded local resolutions of support and state licensure with respect to their adult-use cannabis applications; (ii) drafting management service contracts, financial source agreements, operating agreements and other corporate transactional documents; (iii) litigation between cannabis business owners, as well as municipality disputes; (iv) advising on advertising issues for CBD companies as well as trademarking; (v) negotiating labor peace agreements; and (vi) employee training and crafting human resources policies.

Because of our wide range of experience across different regulatory marketspaces, we have indeed been privileged to successfully assist clients traverse legal issues with state specific and local requirements, from start up businesses to several of the largest operators in the country.   We also continue to work with clients about the precise and distinctive labor and employment obligations that attach within and outside of the cannabis industry, and provide training to management teams navigating the impact of legalized adult-use in their workforce.

Note: While many states have adopted statutory schemes permitting medical and adult-use of cannabis product,  the use, sale, possession, growth and distribution of cannabis remains prohibited under Federal law.